The American Pan-African Relief Agencies, Inc. (APARA) was first incorporated in December 1998 as the American Pan-African Relief Fund. Our name was amended to The American Pan-African Relief Agencies, Inc. in May, 2000, to reflect the scope of our services. Since then much has been accomplished with little resources at our disposal through financial donation and Gift-in-kind donation sales. As indicated in the page of our African Relief Project and since we started our operations, we have been inundated with so many requests for help from many African countries. We have embarked on many relief mission trips to some of these countries. Most of the countries are faced with the challenges of HIV/AIDS, AIDS Orphans, famine /drought and children suffering from Malaria and Malnutrition etc. One of such countries visited was Nigeria, Africa most populated country of over 150 million people representing one quarter of all Africa’s population and 20% of the population of Black People in the world. Also, Nigeria ranked third in the world after India and South Africa of people living with HIV/AIDS and AIDS ORPHANS. During our visit, APARA donated cash and office/educational equipment to Orphanage Homes, Non Governmental charitable organizations, schools, medical center and faith based organizations with proven track records.  

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With the help of generous philanthropists of this great country and in the global community traditionally known for helping people in time of need and adversities, there is hope for these group of distressed people whose causes and advocacy are being championed by our organization. Also,with generous donations from members of the public, our organization will continue to assist and contribute in our humble ways and in collaboration with other service organizations and governments to break that cycle of poverty and touch the lives of some of these poorest people in America that also include the immigrants.These poor families especially the children that are hardest hit can be helped with the provision of good education, job/vocational training, job placement and affordable shelter/housing etc so that they can be economically selves dependent and be useful not only to themselves but also to the society.But,before becoming selves dependent ,they will also need food, clothing and other necessities to survive on a daily basis. The immigrants will be provided with all the necessary assistance that include training those who migrate from non-English speaking countries in English as a second language (ESL) and other services that will help them to integrate to the society.

As our organization’s name clearly implies,we are totally committed to provide relevant services to these group of distressed people in the two continents –America and Africa that are almost having same and enormous societal problems but in different ways and approach. While the United States government (Federal and States) including philanthropists are very much concern about and taking adequate steps to help their poor struggling citizens, but reverse is the case of most African governments as their poverty stricken and distressed poor people especially the AIDS Orphans and other distressed children faced with serious challenges of poverty, disease and hunger are almost (100%)  on their own living miserable lives and some of them compelled to be committing violent crimes with no hope for the future. Our organization is totally committed to help these group of people. We are appealing as always to the general public both in the United States and the global community to continue to help our organization with generous donation to implement our programs and services to impact the lives of these impoverished especially the AIDS ORPHANS AND OTHER DISTRESSED CHILDREN in the two continents as reflected herein.

APARA undertakes frequent relief missions to Africa to support people living with HIV/AIDS, the AIDS orphans and other distressed children including promoting awareness/services for the prevention and eradication of Malaria and Tuberculosis in the continent. In addition, APARA provides financial and in-kind support to local charitable organizations in Africa to implement their programs.Please click to read more in our accomplishment and our partners pages. As indicated above,we also provide social and general services to the needy and Immigrant community in the U.S.

Financial and in- kind support for our services is provided with donations from the general public, corporations, foundations and organizations etc. These pages describe our programs and services in the U.S. and Africa. APARA carried out its programs and services independently and in collaboration/cooperation with established charitable organizations in the U.S. and Africa.

During our 12 years of service, we have made some progress as can be seen in our accomplishment pages both in the United States and in Africa. With your continuous help of generous donation, we are very optimistic of more future accomplishments to provide better services to the distressed both here in the United States and Africa. APARA programs and activities are also described in the pages of our websites and are also documented in photos in the pages, in galleries and in promo film documentaries .

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