1.    Reaching out to the AIDS orphans and other  distressed children in Uganda
2.    War and famine/drought refugees in Sudan
3.    Economic empowerment programs in the Republic of Benin and Uganda
4.    Distribution of clothing and medical supplies in Uganda.
5.    Donation of Cash, Educational/ Office equipment to Charities and Schools in    
       Nigeria, West Africa.

Since our organization started full operations in 1999/2000, we have been receiving many requests for help from many Charitable and other Social Services Organizations in African countries who are providing services to AIDS Orphans and other distressed children, People living with HIV/AIDS and those affected by natural disasters such as famine and drought etc These African countries are among the poorest nations in the world. As a young organization with limited resources, it is not possible to respond to ALL the requested needs. The priority needs of these people are education, health care and medical supplies, food, economic empowerment through small financial grants to the care givers/providers for the AIDS Orphans, widows who lost their spouses to HIV/AIDS, people living with HIV/AIDS etc. provision of mosquito nets/insecticides for the prevention of Malaria and as well as for the provision of clean and regular water supply.

There is no single organization that can provide all the needed services, and our organization has therefore established partnership and working relationship with other organizations and individual volunteered professionals both in the United States and Africa, collectively providing variety of services as detailed in this website since 1999 till date.  The partnership relationship has been very advantageous to APARA, as some of these individual Partners and organizations have been working with us successfully and with our limited resources to provide variety of services. We are totally committed to continuously provide services to these needy people and are optimistic to do better with adequate funding and general support from members of the public.

Please see more details in the film documentary, press publications and photo gallery of our humble accomplishments both here in the United States and Pan-African Regions
APARA is focusing on five essential human needs that are abundantly clear and are as follows: Water, Food, Health/Medical Care and Pharmaceutical supplies, Education, Shelter and most importantly support for the AIDS orphans, prevention and eradication of Malaria that kills 700,000 t0 1 million children yearly in Africa and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Health/Medical Care and Pharmaceutical Supplies:  There are myriad causes of diseases and death in the poverty-stricken African countries where HIV/ AIDS, Malaria, famine and drought-affected people are dying daily from lack of proper medical attention and hunger. APARA believes that many of the health problems in the region would be alleviated to a large degree by the establishment of charitable hospitals, Mobile hospitals, Health Centers/ Clinics, and the provision of medical and pharmaceutical supplies to the affected people on a regular basis. Please read more from “HEALTHY SOCIETY- Health is Wealth” and PREVENTION & ERADICATION OF MALARIA AND TUBERCULOSIS in our partner’s website at www.shitta.org

Water: The lack of clean drinking water compounds the already deteriorating health and terrible sanitation conditions. Contaminated water breeds disease and epidemic such as Malaria that kill million of children yearly in Africa, which in turn produces unburied carcasses along fields and roadsides.  Most areas visited by our organization show clearly the dirty and unclean drinking water available to these helpless people. According to the children we interviewed and the water they were drinking as seen by our visiting members is from mosquito-infested pits and or local dirty bore holes that cause malaria, another health disaster that has claimed the lives of millions of children in Africa. When you see this kind of dirty water being consumed by fellow human beings, anyone with a sympathetic heart will be moved to ask him or herself this: Is there anything I can do to help?

Shelter: To have a roof over one's head is something most of us take for granted. In our civilized world, it is usually when natural forces like fire, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes strike and wipe out people's homes, livelihoods and personal possessions that we understand the meaning of the word "homelessness". But when poverty, diseases and other natural disaster are the root causes of homelessness, then the issue of shelter becomes compellingly necessary and urgent. Click on the link below to see for yourself the squalid huts where children are living and are the source or much illness and a cause of their hopelessness. When you click on the link, you will see a pathetic living condition and the untold suffering of a blind woman, a widow who is also HIV positive with 4 kids, the Nyakato family from Masindi in Uganda.

click on the photo to read more

Education: A biblical scholar has said, "My people are dying for lack of knowledge". APARA believes that education is the bedrock upon which the cycle of poverty, diseases, and ignorance will be broken and is the foundation of any long term project, be it the building of hospitals, shelter, farming, water, irrigation, and/or the training offered to the local people. It is the avenue through which the region can achieve the goal of self-sustenance.

From our FILM DOCUMENTARIES of the SUB-SAHARAN TRAGEDIES and the AIDS ORPHANS & THEIR CHALLENGES in our website and at our partner’s website at WWW.SHITTA.ORG you will see the frustrating conditions under which these children are learning and their general pathetic living situation. There is no infrastructure, equipment, or educational supplies. In our 12 years of providing services, our organization and partners have made humble contributions with the little resources at our disposal towards improving the qualities and standard of the learning environment including educational supplies for these orphans and distressed children in Africa.

Our Organization in collaboration with our valuable partners as detailed here in our website are doing our humble best in this direction by providing educational services and also to the best of our ability and financial resources to some of the AIDS Orphans and distressed children in the region. The photos below show some of the children in classes with their teachers and more details in part 2 in the film documentary of the AIDS ORPHANS & THEIR CHALLENGES –“ Sonorous Songs from the Wilderness
"The American Pan-African Relief Agencies, Inc, New York, USA, DONATE TO CHARITIES IN NIGERIA, WEST AFRICA".

Click below for the film documentary of APARA,Inc, New York, USA Donate to Charities in Nigeria, West Africa

"The American Pan-African Relief Agencies, Inc, New York, USA, DONATE TO CHARITIES IN NIGERIA, WEST AFRICA"

Video Documentary.

The destitution and suffering of millions of AIDS's orphans, starving/ malnourished children as a result of poverty, famine/drought, millions of children infected by Malaria and people living with HIV/AIDS, in the Pan- African regions, forces two important indeed critical questions into our thoughts: What can possibly be done about their suffering, and who will have compassion on them to relieve their suffering and make a difference in their lives? Will you or do you care enough to take action  with your generous donation  to help for the plight of these people as you read through the pages and watch our documentaries in our website and our partner website at www.shitta.org.  APARA and our partners are of the strong opinion, that those of us who have the means also have an obligation, or perhaps a deep responsibility, to answer these poignant questions with action. PLEASE HELP WITH YOUR DONATION AS NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL.

Please send your generous donations and sponsorship interest to our organization- APARA/ TAPARA. Also, child sponsorship and adoption in Africa are available through APARA and our partnership programs. Please, remember that all donations in the U.S. are tax deductible.