“Poverty, Disease & Hunger”
From statistical reports, besides other natural disasters such as famine and drought that are mostly affecting children, HIV/AIDS is one of the major factors of premature deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa resulting to millions of AIDS orphans. Infected HIV/AIDS  parents (Mom or Dad) dying of AIDS leave their children who in most cases have the infection as well without parental care and financial support. Psychologically, it is impossibly hard for them to know that, either of their mom or dad is going to die of AIDS and the children thinking that they may end up leaving this world just the same way. There are lots of evidences of those children whose parents have HIV/AIDS experienced negative changes and emotional neglect even before their parents’ death.

About 12 million or more AIDS Orphans live in Sub Saharan Africa. In some African countries that are badly affected by the epidemics, the rates of children orphaned due to AIDS are striking. For instance, approximately 12% of children in Botswana and 16% of children in Zimbabwe have lost one or both parents to AIDS. Regardless the expansion of the antiretroviral medication, those infected have only limited access to the treatment and the future forecasts regarding the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among the population in the region remain unfavorable.
Apart from the emotional impact of neglect and trauma resulting from their parent’s death, the AIDS Orphans need to adapt to a new situation after their parents death. After they are orphaned, these helpless children are left to wander into the world and are left with little or nothing and above all, most of them are exploited or abused. Besides the psychological trauma, these orphans face number of serious and pathetic challenges of earning a living at their tender age. Most AIDS Orphans, about 80% in the region lack access to basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, health care, education and general upkeep. Some of the grown up AIDS Orphans between 10 and 15 years of age find opportunities to make a living and financial contributions to care for their younger siblings by working where they are equally exploited, begging and looking for food on the streets.

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Also, some of the frustrated AIDS Orphans resort to violent crimes and child prostitution to survive. Consequently, receiving education is out of the question. Furthermore, being associated with AIDS, these children become stigmatized before and after the death of their parents. Due to this stigma, AIDS Orphans are not only socially isolated, but even denied their rights to healthcare and education. As a result of the shame and stigma associated with this deadly disease of HIV/AIDS in the society, millions of AIDS Orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa become victims who are left without social, educational, financial or in-kind support and are therefore left to be living miserable lives and untold hardships.

Please, help our organization to help these AIDS Orphans to be useful to themselves and the society through your generous donations to help them have the basic necessities of life especially food, shelter, healthcare, vocational training and general educational services etc. Your tax deductible generous donations (U.S. only) of $5, $10, $25 or more to implement our various projects and programs to help these AIDS Orphans will be highly appreciated. For more details on some of the challenges being faced by these AIDS Orphans, we humbly invite you to take your time to watch the 20 minutes promo documentary as below.


As a result of vulnerability and extreme poverty, some of the AIDS orphans and other distressed females are sexually abused and exploited, even as from the age of 9! Due to financial difficulties, most of these children are either lured or trafficked to prostitution to eke out a living for themselves, their younger siblings and also to pay for their school fees. The most painful and pathetic of it all is the callous exploitation of these vulnerable distressed female teenagers as sexual slaves to illegally produce babies to groups of criminal syndicates, who with fake medical manipulations make their buyers of these babies, also part of the syndicates who are the rich and powerful that are desperately in need of children, as the actual biological parents which DNA will later proof negative. This is REAL and the facts can be cross-checked or searched at GOOGLE-reference “Babies for Sales”. Some of these vulnerable distressed female teenagers are offered phony employments for permanent production of babies while others are paid off on a one time basis with peanuts not to have access to their babies for life and for fear of their lives and safety, the slave victims babies’ producers will forever remain silence and the powerful syndicated criminals will continue with their heinous crime with impunity. The abolished slave trade has been clandestinely reintroduced, this time, through the “Sales of Babies” in corrupt, greedy and backward society and this is happening in some countries in Africa where there are supposed to be law and order. PLEASE, HELP WITH YOUR DONATION TO STOP THIS HEINOUS CRIME.

Please, we need your donation NOT only to impact the lives of these AIDS Orphans and other distressed children for their general upkeep and achieving their educational potentials, but also and most importantly, to support our cause to aggressively fight for advocacy, justice and freedom for these helpless distressed female teenagers that are being abused and enslaved to produce babies for sales. This is a serious crime against humanity as we appeal for your help both financially and morally to support our organization and partners to intensify and continue to embark on a massive campaign and advocacy to stop this crime before it spread like wildfire to the entire continent. These crimes against humanity are some of the many challenges being faced on a daily basis by these AIDS Orphans and other distressed children some of which are highlighted in our 2 hours documentary-“AIDS ORPHANS AND THEIR CHALLENGES”. No donation is too small to help protect and impact the lives of these innocent and distressed children.


For more details on some of the challenges being faced by these AIDS Orphans, we humbly invite you to please take your time to watch the promo documentaries as below:


We want to thank the producer, participants and our partners in Africa who have made this archive footage documentary possible. The 20 minutes segment of the 2 hours duration of the documentary as seen here is a promo presentation on AIDS Orphans and Their Challenges in Africa.


The American Pan-African Relief Agencies is once again appealing for your generous donation to provide economic empowerment and educational opportunities for these distressed children as we believe that education is the bedrock upon which the cycle of poverty, diseases, hunger and ignorance will be broken.  It is the avenue through which the region can achieve the goal of self-sustenance


$25 will help provide school chair & $45 for desk for a child

$130 & $170 cover the yearly cost to attend both elementary and secondary schools for a child that also include educational writing materials

$750, $1000 and $1500 cover annual cost in Colleges of Education that trained teachers for elementary and secondary schools, Polytechnics/Colleges of Technologies that produced technicians/technologist and Universities respectively etc Also visit our donation page for more impact of your donations. Please, help with your generous donation at our secured online donation here at our website or at  ALL DONATIONS IN UNITED STATES.