The American Pan-African Relief Agencies, Save Humanity Initiative and in collaboration with our partners in Africa have produced two documentaries on AIDS ORPHANS & THEIR CHALLENGES- Part 1 & 2 and THE SUB-SAHARAN TRAGEDIES. As part of our promotional activities to raise funds, these informational documentaries were produced to bring awareness to the general public of the untold sufferings of the afflicted so as to further intensify our fund raising drive to promote our programs and services. We therefore appeal to the global community for generous donation to help these unfortunate people in the society.  No amount of donation is too small as categorized in our donation page.

“Poverty, Disease & Hunger’ Part 1

There are about 16 million AIDS Orphans in the world and more than 75% of these Orphans, about 12-13 million are from Sub Saharan Africa. Botswana, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe etc are among the hardest hit countries. Please read more details from our website as the film documentary is to highlight in practical and physical terms the untold hardship and many more challenges being faced on a daily basis by these Orphans.

The documentary is being brought to the attention of millions of viewers around the world who may not have had the opportunity of physically seeing the suffering of these AIDS ORPHANS. As you watch the documentary, we appeal to you for your  support and generous donation for the general upkeep that include feeding, education and health services etc to help these Orphans as no donation is too small. 50 cents can feed an AID Orphan for a day. $15 to feed an orphan for one month, $25 can feed and cloth an orphan for a month, $35 can feed, cloth and cover school expenses for a month etc.

View the video promo below
View the video promo below
“Pot of Tears, Deaths & Sorrow”
It is very pathetic and horrifying when people are continuously dying from HIV/AIDS and in most cases, are being buried in massed graves. Millions of lives have been lost to HIV/AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa. Also, millions of AIDS Orphans faced with challenges of poverty, hunger and disease etc, hundreds of thousands of children dying yearly from Malaria  and hundreds of thousands also dying yearly from starvation, malnutrition and other diseases as a result of natural disasters, famine and drought. The continent has also witnessed many inter tribal and genocidal wars that has claimed millions of lives as well. These unfortunate circumstances most of which have no immediate solution and end in sight are “The Sub-Saharan Tragedies” that have befallen the continent in decades, the poorest continent in the world which have always brought tears, deaths and sorrow to the region. One cannot hold back tears when watching these montages of horrible tragedies of poverty, disease, hunger and deaths in the region. These tragedies are mosaic of miseries and untold hardships. The affected victims are always treading on endless struggles and despair. The wanderers’ songs are always their signatures and nostalgia, their ever present companion. In addition to the HIV/AIDS devastation, for centuries, drought and famine have been a “way of life” for most of the people in the region where starving children and dehydrated skeletons some of which as can be seen in the promo documentary mark the narrative.
As previously stated, the film documentary is to create awareness to the general public especially those who may not have been aware or witness these horrible and pathetic situations and to appeal for their general support to help these distressed people. The contents in the  documentary is just a tip of an iceberg compared to the magnitude of the tragedies that have claimed millions of lives in the region and featuring mostly HIV/ADIS devastation, AIDS Orphans & Their challenges, famine/drought etc.  Other details are available at our websites.  To make your generous donation, please visit our secured online donation page at our websites at www.apara.org, www.shitta.org and www.tapara.org. You can also mail your donations to our mailing addresses as reflected in our contacts at the websites.
Your donation gifts will help to provide the following services and save lives:
a.    $10 will buy mosquito net to prevent malaria from  
       killing children

b.    $5 for insecticide spray to kill/prevent mosquito
       bites to further prevent malaria from killing children

c.    $15 (50 cents a day) will conveniently feed an AIDS
       Orphan, someone living with HIV/AIDS and or a
       starving child with malnutrition affected by famine
       and drought etc for one month.

d.    $10 will also help to underwrite part of the
       for the general upkeep such as education, health
       services, housing and economic empowerment     
       programs etc. for all the distressed and afflicted as
       being addressed by our organizations and partners.

e.    $5 general donation towards helping and procuring
       medical/hospital equipment and pharmaceutical
       supplies to most ill-equipped hospitals in the region
       to save lives. Please read more and click to Healthy
A total of $45 as enumerated above will help us to provide effective services and save lives.  With donors generous donation of $45 that will also include shipping and handling within United States and Canada only, we will send the under listed to the donors:
1. Documentary on AIDS Orphans &Their Challenges
2. Documentary on The Sub Saharan Tragedies
3. Tax-exempt certificate for the $45 donation for U.S donors

Alternatively, with donors’ generous donation of $25 that will also include shipping and handling within United States and Canada,

we will send any of the two DVDs documentaries of donors’ choice and tax exempt certificate for U.S. donors only.

“The purpose of sending any of the documentaries to our donors is to have in-depth knowledge of the Sub-Saharan Tragedies and the overwhelming challenges/sufferings of the AIDS Orphans and other distressed children for which we are soliciting for their support.  The information in the documentaries will also assist donors and sponsors see the areas and how their kind donations will be utilized and to further help us in promoting our causes to enhance effective services to the afflicted.



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