With regard to our community services, APARA regards successful programs as those that provide people in need with appropriate and effective services, which will sustain them both medically and economically. APARA's hope and aspiration is to receive sufficient funding to continue our services to the community. As for APARA special services for HIV/AIDS programs and AIDS orphans, we are working very hard and in partnership / collaboration with other organizations in providing special services and a variety of programs to help improve the quality of lives of the AIDS orphans, adults with children living with HIV/AIDS including distressed children suffering from other killer diseases such as Malaria in Africa.These services and programs include improving health care services, outreach programs in English and local languages for HIV/AIDS prevention, counseling, testing and treatment, providing community support, vocational and micro-entrepreneurial skills/ training and educational programs. 

The former U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations, the late Mr. Richard C. Holbrooke of blessed memory in his concluding remarks on HIV AIDS at the am FAR Symposium, United Nations, said on November 30, 2000, "‘I think this disease is the greatest challenge that we will ever face in our lifetime. It is the greatest health plague in at least six hundred years. We all know that, and we cannot turn away from it. We cannot go back to denial. We cannot call it just a health issue or problem for doctors, or problem that only affects a certain narrow segment of society." 

UNIAIDS, Governments, non-governmental, charitable and faith based organizations have been doing their best in providing resources, to tackle the problem, but the demand for prevention and treatment is escalating. APARA hereby joins the crusade in appealing for adequate funding to enable us provides effective services. APARA'/TAPARA’S preventive case management outreach program goal is to seek, identify, win confidentiality and educate people about treatment and prevention.  

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