Since we started our operations, the American Pan-African Relief Agencies and partners embarked on many mercy mission trips to African countries that include Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Republic of Benin   Nigeria, Togo, Cameroun, Congo, Zimbabwe and Zambia etc   Most of these countries are faced with many challenges of HIV/AIDS, AIDS orphans, distressed children suffering from Malaria including other challenges of poverty, disease and hunger.  One of such pathetic visits is Nigeria, Africa's most populated country representing one quarter of all of Africa's people and 20% of the population of the Black World. During these visits, APARA donated medical/pharmaceutical supplies, financial assistance food and clothing,  other valuable materials and equipment (including educational and other related equipment) to schools and many non governmental , charitable and faith based organizations with proven track records some of whom are listed here in the website.

The Executive Director of APARA, Mr. Emmanuel M. I. Omokha, Sr, and his entourage admires some of the children that include AIDS orphans in the Ijamido Children's Home with the PRO, Miss Stella Willoughby.