APARA’S & TAPARA’S 2003 - First Relief Mission Trip to Africa 

(Republic of Benin, Sudan and Uganda)

In response to the distress calls from the African countries, in 2003, APARA and partners., embarked on a project mission in Uganda to help the AIDS orphans and distressed children, people living with HIV/AIDS, and other victims affected by war, famine, and drought refugees in Sudan. During this visit, relief materials such as food, clothing, medicines, medical treatment, etc. were provided to these poor children and the refugees. During our first visit, we also assessed the needs of these underprivileged people of Sudan and Uganda. Their needs were enormous and included health clinics, educational facilities, pure drinking water, and better housing for AIDS orphans and other distressed children in Uganda. Other important needs for the refugees and displaced people in Sudan are farming implements, other agricultural and irrigation equipment, and financial resources to assist them for micro-agricultural projects including cooperative farming, so that they can produce sufficient food to feed themselves and be less dependent on foreign food donations.