What a horrible, miserable and pathetic situation that require the attention of the global community to help. Please read details from the link to the Uganda National publication, the New Vision who published the untold sufferings and hardship of this poor sick woman with her four children as can be seen in this photograph in front of her dilapidated squalor hut not even fit for an animal to live. In response to the distress publication by the New Vision, our organization and partner, The American Pan-African Relief Agencies also of New York urgently sent our humble donation to this poor woman and her 4 kids through our representative and Partner in Uganda, Ms. Edith Namutebi of the Divine Peace Ministries/chief coordinator of the Living Hope Project in Kampala, Uganda. Ms.Namutebi in company of New Vision senior official and reporter traveled over 350 kilometers from the city of Kampala to the village, Masindi, where the woman lives with her 4 kids.Below are the New Vision coverage photographs of the donation presentation. In the middle of the photographs is Ms Namutebi with the poor blind HIV woman by the right while the woman by the left is a government official who is HIV counselor to the woman. We are therefore appealing for an immediate help to save these lives. Please join our organization and partners today to help  with your donation to save the poor woman,  her  4 children and others in her situation.. Please click to our donation page now and make your donation to help and other millions of people living  with HIV/AIDS and AIDS Orphans in worst miserable situation such as this woman from Masindi in Uganda.

Nyakato(2nd right) and her four children. Left is Mujuni,  the family's bread winner 

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