Helping people with HIV/AIDS, Widows who lost their husbands to AIDS, the AIDS orphans, the generally distressed by natural disasters and promoting the prevention and eradication of the two deadly diseases, Malaria and Tuberculosis, required collective efforts to deliver effective services. The American Pan-African Relief Agencies, Inc (APARA/TAPARA).has always worked and cooperated with other organizations here in the U.S. and Africa to help and provides services to the affected people. APARA/TAPARA is presently having a strong partnership agreement and working relationship with SAVE HUMANITY INITIATIVE- WWW.SHITTA.ORG and both organizations are jointly sponsoring many local based community and non governmental organizations in Africa to implement their various programs in accordance with our objectives. Please, see details in the video documentaries attached to both website and official letter from one of the African governments attesting to our sponsorship of various no governmental and community based organizations in their country.

Through these collective efforts, we can achieve much through our belief that the sum of these efforts is greater than the efforts of each individual organization.

Your generous donations to help those in need can be made by credit card or e-check online through our secure website, or by regular mail using this form. We also welcome non-financial donations of medical, educational, computer and other supplies. Please tell us about your non-financial contribution using this form. All donations will be gratefully acknowledged for tax purposes.