Ms. Namasinaga Solomy is the Director and Coordinator of the Disabled HIV/AIDS Community Organization that provide services to both adults and children who are disabled and also living with HIV/AIDS that makes their situations more complicated and pathetic.

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Namasinga Solomy: Director

Disabled HIV /AIDS Community Organization was formed in 2001 as a Nonprofit organization of volunteers.

Our mission is to provide food, clothing, shelter, and HAPPINESS to children and families who are infected, affected, or orphaned by HIV/AIDS. 

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for local HIV/AIDS affected children. 

We network with existing local direct care service providers and other organizations.We need your help to continue these services. A few hours, or a few dollars is all it takes to help.100% of donations go directly to client needs. All money raised stays within our own community.

We need increased funding. Local HIV infections are rising. So are requests for our assistance.

Namasinga Aolomy
Hons Diploma In Child Care
Uganda social development institute.

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