Please see some of the services which the power of your support and U.S. tax deductible donation can make possible:
1.   Food, medical supplies, water, financial support and other essential relief materials to  help the AIDS ORPHANS and other distressed children

To set up more programs and services that offer economic opportunities and training for the grand mothers who have become care givers for AIDS ORPHANS.

To continue to support the programs that offer education, economic development and vocational training for the AIDS ORPHANS and other distressed children so that they can be selves dependent and be useful to themselves and the society. Please take a moment out of your busy schedule to watch our 20 minutes Footage Promo Film Documentaries of AIDS orphans & Their Challenges

To provide more tools to counsel and care for the sick children and prevent mother –to –child HIV transmission through Postnatal Prophylactic Single-dose antiretroviral therapy

5. To provide immunization for children against measles and polio for life and most importantly, to provide medically treated mosquito nets and insecticides for the prevention of Malaria disease that kills millions of children (Ages 1-6) yearly in Sub Saharan Africa. Please, see details in our websites
Your donation will also impact the lives of these AIDS Orphans and other distressed children as follows
General Donation-$5, $10 & $15
1. $25 can feed an AID orphan or a distressed child for a month

2. $35 can help provide educational writing materials and notebooks for 20 children

3. $45 can help to purchase 130 packs of water purification tablets that can provide clean drinking water to  over 500 dehydrated children

4. $100 can help to vaccinate 150 children against polio for life

5. $200 can help to immunize 400 children against measles for life

6. $250 can help to provide 40 insecticide-treated mosquito nets to protect children from Malaria.

7. $200  can help provide economic opportunity such as petty local trading etc for 1 grand mother who is a the care-givers to  AIDS ORPHAN(S)

8. $250 can help to provide 200 HIV Tests to ensure that HIV-positive mothers receive the required medication as previously stated above to prevent the transmission of the disease to the children

9. $250 can help provide vocational training in local professional trade to an AIDS ORPHAN or a distressed child which will eventually make  him to be self sustenance

10. $300 can help to support a widow who is also HIV Positive in small scale agro-based projects such as poultry farming and other agricultural products farming etc.

11. $500 will help to improve the quality of educational services by the schools of the physical handicapped children, blind, deaf and dumb that our organization is presently supporting as reflected in our accomplishment page in our website.

12. $550 donation will also support our organization in continuation of our programs and services in the United States as can be seen in our website at

For details of our charity donation perks, please visit our perks page. In addition to the perks, all U.S. donations are equally tax deductible as allowed by the law and this is made possible by our fiscal sponsor and principal partner, a 501©3 tax-exempt organization. 

$25 will help provide a school chair for a child

$45 will help provide a school desk for a child

$130 will cover fees and educational writing material to sponsor an AIDS Orphan or a distressed child for one year in an elementary school

$170 will cover fees and educational writing materials for one year sponsorship in a secondary school

$750 will cover the cost of one year sponsorship in Colleges of Education that trained teachers for elementary and secondary schools in Africa.

$1000 will cover the cost of one year sponsorship in Polytechnics and Colleges of Technologies that trained technicians and technologists.

$1,500 for one year sponsorship in a University


Donations as from $5 are gratefully accepted, but please be generous and give $10,$15,$20, $25, $50, $100 or more. Please contact us directly at, (646) 558-6363 (646)558-6364, (212) 380-3259 or our Toll free number : (877) 853-3393 (U.S. & Canada only), or by email at to discuss large donations. General donations can also be made by printing and mailing this form with your check to The American Pan-African Relief Agencies, Inc.

Non-Financial Donations – The American Pan-African Relief Agencies, Inc. also seeks donations of medical, pharmaceuticals, educational supplies and equipment, agricultural/irrigation equipment including water purification equipment, food, general goods or services. Please fill out this form or call us to discuss your donation.

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