Select from the donation options Below - Donations can be made to programs that APARA/ TAPARA and partners have established for AIDS Orphans and Distressed Children, People Living with HIV/AIDS, Medical/Pharmaceutical Supplies, Prevention/Eradication of Malaria and Tuberculosis in Africa, Educational/Scholarship Funds, Economic Empowerment/Vocational Training, Financial/In-Kind support to other Charities and  Non Governmental Organizations’ programs and services . This is also in addition to our general programs and services to the immigrant community in the United States

Donations for as little as $5 are gratefully accepted, but please be generous and give $25, $50, $100 or more. Please contact us directly at, 646-558-6363, 646-558-6364, 212-380-3529, Our Toll Free number is: 877-368-8241, or by email

at to discuss large donations. Donations to any of these programs can also be made by printing and mailing this form with your check to TAPARA

Non-Financial Donations – APARA/TAPARA also seeks donations of medical, pharmaceuticals, educational supplies and equipment, food, general goods or services. Please fill out this form or call us to discuss your donation.

Secure Online Donations and Tax Deductions - APARA's  & TAPARA’S status as a tax-exempt charitable organization allows you to deduct your donations from US income tax as described in this IRS letter describing our tax-exempt status. All donations will be gratefully acknowledged for tax purposes. Your security and safety is important to us. Our donations processor uses advanced industry security technology to protect your personal information.