(b) Factors Driving HIVAIDS In Africa 

According to the UNAIDS report, AIDS in Africa: Three Scenarios to 2025, there are five significant though uncertain forces that drive the spread of AIDS in Africa. Each of these forces has their own impacts and operates at many different levels. In addition, each of these factors interacts and creates complex dynamics. Consideration of the five factors and how they interact provides a very strong analytical tool that can be used to examine the past and present of the epidemic and, therefore, offer a plausible future development strategy for combating the epidemic. The five factors that drive AIDS/HIV in Africa can be summarized as follows (UNAIDS 2011).

  • Unity and integration: growth and erosion 
  • Development of beliefs, ideals, and meanings  
  • Resources and capabilities: how they are leveraged  
  • Knowledge and its application  
  • Power and authority distribution