With Love From The AIDS Orphans

The American Pan-African Relief Agencies and partners believe that education is the bedrock upon which the cycle of poverty, diseases, hunger and ignorance will be broken and is the foundation of any long term project, be it the building of hospitals, shelter, farming, water, irrigation, and/or the training offered to the local people. It is the avenue through which the region can achieve the goal of self-sustenance 
The locally produced video documentary is titled Sonorous Songs from the Wilderness, a musical song drama presented by a group of AIDS Orphans and distressed children from Uganda studying under pathetic situation as can be seen in the video documentary.
The best that can be provided to the AIDS Orphans and other distressed children is to help raise each and every one of them to become healthy, educated and self reliant, so that they will not only be useful to themselves and their families but to the society in general

In the 30 minutes promo documentary, you will see these distressed children in their classrooms in an almost dilapidated building without windows and doors where they are being taught by their respective teachers. In fact, you will be terrified to see the horrific and unhygienic environment these children are learning. In 21st century, children are still jam-packed in filthy rooms, sitting and or standing on dusty floors, some with tattered clothes and bare footed in classrooms learning under extremely hard and hazardous conditions. No good infrastructures nor educational materials/equipment neither health facilities nor snacks/food while in school.  No nothing. Please,help these children achieve their educational potentials as most of them are very smart.

The first step towards helping these children is to provide each and every one of them with a desk and chair to sit comfortably while learning which cost $45 and $25 respectively and thank you so much for your help

The sonorous songs from the wilderness though not melodious as the title/name implies, but songs of hope and faith from these AIDS orphans and distressed children appealing for help from the general public to fulfill and achieve their destinies through education. As earlier stated, this is a locally produced video showing the AIDS orphans/distressed children just as they are in their poverty stricken conditions, bare-footed with worn-out clothing in their usual traditional characteristics ways of playing in the “Moonlight” resigning to fate and expressing their challenges and sorrow through songs, dance and drama in the Wilderness from Sub-Saharan Africa. Of the 16 million AIDS ORPHANS in the world, more than 12 million are from Sub Saharan Africa. This is a local presentation by the AIDS Orphans from Kampala who are part of almost a million AIDS Orphans in Uganda, East Africa and this sad situation is not peculiar to Uganda alone but almost all countries in Africa.
The American Pan-African Relief Agencies and partners jointly sponsored this documentary and thank the producer,  the AIDS Orphans and their teachers who collectively made the production of the documentary a success. The purpose of this documentary is to create awareness of the hardship being faced by these distressed children and to appeal to philanthropists and the general public to help these AIDS Orphans and other distressed children with the necessary educational infrastructures, equipment and materials so as to realize their dreams in achieving their educational potentials. 
Below are some impact of your donation as per their immediate needs as seen in the promo documentary
$25 will help provide school chair & $45 for desk for a child

$130 & $170 cover the yearly cost to attend both elementary and secondary schools for a child that also include educational writing materials

$750, $1000 and $1500 cover annual cost in Colleges of Education that trained teachers for elementary and secondary schools, Polytechnics/Colleges of Technologies that produced technicians/technologist and Universities respectively etc Also visit our website for more impact of your donations. Please, help with your generous donation at our secured online donation here at our website or at


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