Pastor Rich Friday, Director  

Kasese District was seriously hit by ADF and the LRA  war by Joseph Kony  which was known to the entire world that affected people mostly children who were forcibly recruited as "child soldier". As a result of the war,many people deserted their homes especially those  who lived in mountainous villages and camped in Kasese town. The rebel soldiers raped women and young girls resulting to the spread of HIV/AIDS in addition to the hardship created by the war. Because of poverty, starvation, diseases and lack of medications, we lost thousand of lives living behind the AIDS Orphans and many distressed children who also lost their parents to war.

As a servant of God, seeing the crisis situation as being very terrible and pathetic, I was lead in the spirit to make my humble contribution to helping these suffering children especially the AIDS Orphans, the orphans who lost their parents as a result of the war and people living with HIV/AIDS and I started in 2006.  In 2007, we began to collect the abandoned children, AIDS Orphans, adults and children living with HIV/AIDS virus. We collected a lot of children and started providing variety of services such as feeding, clothing, education, medical services, providing responsible Guardians to accommodate them etc. These services were made through donations and contributions from members of the public and mostly from members in all the churches in the community.  
In 2009, I initiated a general conference of all the churches in the community and shared some information about the pathetic situation of children. In that conference, ALL the Pastors of the local Churches embraced the vision of establishing homes for the AIDS orphans, other distressed Children, people living with HIV/AIDS.  They all decided and agreed to continue to support the services being offered as enumerated above. We have been providing these services to the best we can but of recent, about a year ago, we are having a lot of financial constraint due to economic recession as most of our community supporters and members of our various churches have lost their jobs and businesses. We can barely pay the teachers, provide the necessary services and the continue upkeep of the children as the future now looks blink for us and the children. We cannot even afford a good toilet system and clean drinking water for the children which may even compound the already worst situation with the infection of more diseases for the children. Attached are photographs of our activities showing the children, the teachers, the uncompleted school building, the exposed latrine (toilet) being used by both the children and teachers and other photos as highlighted. On behalf of the children, teachers, members of the community, I am therefore appealing for donation both in funds and gift-in- kind so that we can continue our services and provide hope to these children, the future leaders of tomorrow.

Mission Of Hope for AIDS Orphans and Distressed Children 

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