Much has been said about The American Pan-African Relief Agencies (ABOUT APARA) in our Home Page. In brief, our mission is to reach out to the distressed in the society especially in the United States of America and Africa. We are totally committed to provide services to AIDS orphans and other distressed children, people living with HIV/ AIDS, widows who lost their spouses to AIDS and as well as to promote the prevention and eradication of Malaria that kills millions of children yearly in Sub-Saharan Africa . Our goal is to educate, create economic empowerment programs, job training and placement, vocational training and small agro-based projects (farming) etc for these groups of people so that they can be selves dependent and be useful to themselves and the community. We strive to offer practical and effective relief services to these people without regard to religion, nationality, race, or gender. Our services include education, medical, social, economic development and short term financial aid/grants mostly for agro-based/farming projects to encourage food production. We also undertake to provide adequate medications and advocacy programs to people suffering from AIDs, Malaria and those affected by natural disasters. In addition to these direct services, APARA works with other secular, community and faith based organizations to carry out its mission. It is our belief that working together, we can effectively impact the lives of these people and help make the world a healthy society and a better place. 


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