1. We will continue to provide services to our immigrant communities in the United States.

2. We will intensify our programs and  services to the AIDS orphans, other distressed children, people living with HIV/AIDS  in Africa especially the hardest hit countries

3. We will expand our current economic empowerment, educational and vocational training programs so that more AIDS orphans and other distressed children including people living with HIV/AIDS  so that they can be to take care of themselves independently.

4. We will continue to provide HIV/AIDS prevention, testing, counseling and treatment  and also to embark on a massive campaign for the prevention and eradication of Malaria and Tuberculosis in Africa.

5. We plan an expansion of our building programs for the Aids orphans and distressed children now taking place in Uganda to other countries like Kenya, Zambia, Ghana and Nigeria.

6. To establish scholarship and education funds for the AIDS orphans and other distressed/ Needy children.

7.  Most importantly, we will continue to support local charities in Africa to enhance effective services.


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