Rural Urban Initiative To Support Own Efforts

Paul Kimumwe

RISE Associate Program Coordinator

Dr. Wilson Waiswa Mwanja (Phd)

Executive Director/Chairman RISE (Rural-Urban Initiatives to Support Own Efforts

RISE, founded in Mayuge Town Council of Mayuge District in 2004, is a registered rural-based NGO engaged in mobilization and sensitization about personal and community development. Through experience working with several communities, the founding members discovered that people at the grassroots level have the potential to engender their own development.

 Organization Objectives

  • The Rural-Urban Initiatives to Support Own Efforts (RISE) works to inform, train, and sensitize community members on personal development as well as the development of their communities. Its goals are to:
  • Provide information on health issues with an emphasis on HIV/AIDS, malaria, and basic family hygiene
  • Offer locally appropriate agricultural best practices and methods training
  • Promote environmental protection by educating local communities on agro-forestry and forestry
  • Network with other grassroots organizations to facilitate information sharing and support
  • Provide capacity-building opportunities for community groups
  • Compile data on agricultural produce marketability
  • Encourage individual financial savings


Key Programs

1. Health Awareness and Basic Family Hygiene

RISE implements an HIV/AIDS and malaria control sensitization program to raise awareness among locally established village groups.

2. Agro-Forestry and Agriculture

RISE maintains a tree nursery bed at its offices that has been operational since 2005. The nursery bed produces different species of tree seedlings. These species are given to members of RISE’s village groups who satisfy its agro-forestry requirements

3. Adult Literacy and Skill Development

RISE’s adult education program targets community members in need of literacy, numerical, and writing skills (as of 2007, this program is currently in its infant stage)

4. Savings and Credit Cooperative

RISE networks with Bunya Savings and Credit Cooperative Society to provide economic empowerment opportunities for its clients. The cooperative society has over 500 members and operates a community village bank.

Associate Program Coordinator

Paul Kimumwe is a specialist in Communication for Social change with over 9 years experience in media and communication for development. His main areas of focus include; Human Rights, Media freedom and access to information, HIV/AIDS, child and maternal health, adolescent sexual and reproductive health rights, and Climate Change.

He holds a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication and a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Journalism and Communication.