“Pot of Tears, Deaths & Sorrow”

The most common tragedies in Sub-Saharan Africa which has set the continent backwards in decades and have brought tears, deaths and sorrow to the region can be categorized in four (4) major areas as follows and some of which have been extensively highlighted in our websites:

(a)  Natural disasters –Famine and Drought etc.

(b) HIV/AIDS Devastation

(c)  AIDS ORPHANS & Their Challenges

(d) Malaria Disease

It is very pathetic and horrifying when people are continuously dying from HIV/AIDS and in most cases, are being buried in massed graves. Millions of lives have been lost to HIV/AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa. Also, millions of AIDS Orphans faced with challenges of poverty, hunger and disease etc, hundreds of thousands of children dying yearly from Malaria  and hundreds of thousands also dying yearly from starvation, malnutrition and other diseases as a result of natural disasters, famine and drought. The continent has also witnessed many inter tribal and genocidal wars that has claimed millions of lives as well. These unfortunate circumstances most of which have no immediate solution and end in sight are “The Sub-Saharan Tragedies that have befallen the continent in decades, the poorest continent in the world which have always brought tears, deaths and sorrow to the region. One cannot hold back tears when watching these montages of horrible tragedies of poverty, disease, hunger and deaths in the region. These tragedies are mosaic of miseries and untold hardships. The affected victims are always treading on endless struggles and despair. The wanderers’ songs are always their signatures and nostalgia, their ever present companion. In addition to the HIV/AIDS devastation, for centuries, drought and famine have been a “way of life” for most of the people in the region where starving children and dehydrated skeletons some of which as can be seen in the promo documentary mark the narrative.

NATURAL DISASTERS: Famine and drought are the most rampant natural disasters that have continuously ravaged the continent of Africa for many years which have claimed millions of lives especially children. The aftermath of famine and drought are always disease, hunger, starvation and in most cases, deaths. While we appreciate the efforts of many international social services and non-governmental organizations including News Media (electronics and prints) highlighting in film documentaries and publications, the devastation of these natural disasters as it affect the people in some selected countries, we want to emphasize here that, almost every country is affected in Africa as most of those countries and people affected are not opportune for their tragedies to be exposed to the world for help. There is no doubt whatsoever that, few of the countries are hardest hit, but it should also be noted as well that, many countries’ millions of starving children and families in Sub-Saharan Africa have receded from the news media and as a result, only less than 10% of the crisis situations in the continent are highlighted by the news media and film documentaries to the global community. Most of these countries are in terrible shape. No food to eat neither water to drink and in the process, lives are being lost on daily basis. “Those still surviving are waiting for death to come and in a pitiable, skeletal and pathetic situation known to each and every one of us. It is in fact very dehumanizing. Their already deteriorating human conditions are horrible as can be seen in our documentary “The Sub Saharan Tragedies –Pot of Tears, Deaths and Sorrow” Some parts of the documentary are graphics and ONLY for adult viewing. Viewers should please understand and bear with us

The situation still remains critical and there is no end in sight for an estimated of seventeen (17) million children and aged parents and families across the Horn and Sub-Saharan Africa who are in URGENT NEED of humanitarian assistance. The children and the elderly are the worst hit as we appeal for your generous donation to help these unfortunate suffering people in our society especially the innocent children. Below is a significant comment and report by a UNICEF Representative in one of the most hardest hit countries in Africa – Sikander Khan on the crisis situation, quote: “Make no mistake about this ongoing situation” “Children lives are still in imminent danger from a combination of malnutrition, killer disease and escalating conflict that make it a matter of life and death” unquote.

Please, we need your immediate help to save these children from dying from hunger, disease and starvation. These children urgently need your help and please come to their rescue as no donation is too small to help. Please, help save the lives of these children as they need your help soonest. We implore you to click to our donation page now and make your generous and tax deductible donation of $5, $10, $25 or more to help these children.

HIV/AIDS DEVASTATION:  There are about 33 million people living with HIV/AIDS in the world, out of which 70% of these affected/infected population, about 23 million are from Sub-Saharan Africa. More than 50 million lives have been lost in Africa to this weapon of mass destruction since its discovery publicly in 1980. Please read more from the pages of our websites at  and  and watch our film documentary.

AID ORPHANS: Also, there are 16 million AIDS Orphans in the world and 75% of this population, about 12 million or more are from Sub-Saharan Africa. Please read more details about AIDS ORPHANS AND THEIR CHALLENGES from our websites as highlighted above and the film documentary.

MALARIA DISEASE: A deadly disease that has killed millions of children for years in Africa. According to World Health Organization (WHO) report, Malaria claims the lives of 700, 000 to 1 million children yearly in Africa. The lack of clean drinking water compounds the already terrible health sanitation conditions in most countries in Sub Saharan Africa. When one sees people especially children most of whom are hungry and dehydrated fetching water from road side gutters that is running through open mosquito-infected garbage dumps and pits in this 21st century, then anyone with a sympathetic heart  need to ask : Is there anything I can do to help?   Yes, and with your generous donations, there are lots that you can do to save the lives of these children from dying of malaria. Your donation can help to prevent and eradicate    Malaria from Africa through the provision of pure and save drinking water with the erection of water bore holes, equipment and water purification system, supply of mosquito nets and insecticides, medications for those already infected and more etc Please, help save the lives of innocent children from dying of Malaria in Africa by making your tax deductible donation today. More details in the pages of our website at  



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