(f) Things needed to make a difference in the lives of people infected and affected with AIDS and HIV, Malaria, Tuberculosis and helping the Aids orphans 

In diseases control, prevention is always better than cure. Efforts should be made by government and non-governmental organizations to teach people on the various ways to prevent getting them. Funding of projects is another crucial thing that is needed in Africa if the continent is going to curb spreads of the three diseases. The Global Fund has and still is a significant partner for the continent in curbing the spread of the diseases.  From 2001 to 2008 the Global fund had granted over USD $ 7.2 billion to countries to help fight malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS.

To fight the scourge, African countries should develop its infrastructure. In order to implement successfully programs aimed at fighting the diseases, African countries must focus on the health, communication, and education sectors as the foundation. There should be increased international funding to help fund these projects.

To help the infected and affected, communities should be educated about the disease especially AIDS. This can be important, because many of the infected and affected are alienated from the society. Social reforms should take place in many African countries where orphans and the infected people are taken care by the government.