APARA has benefited greatly from the work and efforts of volunteers since its inception. It is these generous and selfless people who have made it possible for APARA & TAPARA to provide services. They number in the hundreds and some have come to New York from as far as California and Atlanta. To this long list of hard-working and capable people, APARA says "Thank You and a Job Well Done".
APARA is especially grateful to those volunteers who participated in our efforts to help African immigrants affected by the September 11th World Trade Center tragedy. We want our volunteers to know that the people you have helped really appreciate your services to this organization.

APARA programs where volunteers are needed are many. We will continue to build and extend services to the African and other immigrant communities in the United States as we have done since our inception. APARA continues to press on with its efforts to assist those affected by disasters around the World, with a current focus to raise funds for the APARA Programs and Services described in these pages. TAPARA are also committed to address the ongoing problems caused by other crisis situations especially the health disasters of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis including the enormous problems of millions of AIDS orphans and distressed children in Africa.

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To carry out these commitments, APARA seeks volunteers with a desire to help us raise funds here in the United States and in other countries of the world including to join us in our mission. Especially needed are those who have administrative, social service, medical, advertising, fund raising and other skills and expertise. You can make a difference and change the World by volunteering to work with APARA to improve the quality of our services to those in need. Please, volunteer today for APARA by sending us a descriptive profile or resume stating your skills, expertise and areas of interest. Submit either by email to Info@apara.org or by mail to P.O. Box 723 (Williamsbridge Station) Bronx, City of New York, NY, 10467

APARA is a member of the Volunteer Match program which can be seen here or by clicking on the link The photo at top right is showing the Executive Director of APARA, Emmanuel M.I.Omokha,Sr in appreciative group photograph with some volunteers who have volunteered for APARA  while the above photo show a volunteered medical and social service staff addressing some African immigrants on prevention of HIV/AIDS including other social and health issues.


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